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- turbo charged rocked out and funked up live rock/dance act from the UK featuring the soulful vocals of sometimes Hospital Records singer Pat Fulgoni alongside guitars, electronica, brass, strings and beats - Chris drums, Ian and Steve saxes, Matt guitar, Chungy bass ... Kava Kava's music has been featured in popular TV series such as DIRT, JOHN FROM CINCINNATI, WEEDS etc, films including BOYS & GIRLS GUIDE TO GETTING DOWN, new XBOX snowboarding game STOKED, best selling iphone game TAP TAP REVENGE 3, and they have played clubs and festivals all over EUROPE, in the STATES and in CHINA “should be on every funk and disco playlist, period!.....Love it!" (DJ Magazine)



Lots of releases and very cool remixes. New single CLARITY on Bandcamp NOW with ace remixes from B COMPLEX (Hospital), Lex Loofah (Warp), 2 Macs and a Projector. Buy in many currencies! BANDCAMP here and ITUNES here. WATCH VIDEO (NYC) here


KAVA KAVA are based in Huddersfield - that's in Yorkshire, UK originally starting out as a 4 piece live psychedelic funk outfit with heavy George Clinton influences. They started out on the underground festival/party scene, had a few independent record deals out there. The NME has described Kava Kava as "gorgeous new psychedelic funk" and they had a No 1 in their CLUB GUIDE CHART. Recently expanded into a six/seven piece they have been punting self produced products on the CHOCOLATE FIREGUARD label. For 2009 album FORWARDS was released on New York label MIDNIGHT SWIMMING for 2010 new single CLARITY on CHOCOLATE FIREGUARD

KAVA KAVA's music is getting a load of radio and press here and there including a feature in BILLBOARD MAGAZINE. Talking of the States, radio spins include Nic Harcourt's show 'MORNING BECOMES ECLECTIC' on KCRW and Sat Bisla's PASSPORT APPROVED radio show .... Kava Kava's music is featured in cult Golden Globe winning US Showtime TV series WEEDS featuring Mary Louise Parker - 'Don't Stop The Music' was featured heavily in the very first episode. Other TV/film slots include LA RIDING CLUB, JOHN FROM CINCINNATI ('Tic' is in that one), Hollywood movie BOYS AND GIRLS GUIDE TO GETTING DOWN (Sicfuck, Bank Job, Terrorists etc) and FX series DIRT featuring Courtney Cox (NFA, Tic). 3 songs also featured in XBOX snowboarding game STOKED while mega tune Bank Job is featured in no 1 best selling iphone application TAP TAP REVENGE 3 ....


Played clubs and festivals in the US, China and right across Europe too .... from France, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, to Austria, Germany, Poland and Italy. In the UK played GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL a few times. Other Festival slots include SXSW, TEXAS, BEIJING MIDI FESTIVAL, CORK JAZZ FESTIVAL, TRUTNOV FESTIVAL, SZIGET FESTIVAL. Along the way they have played with all kinds of bands from Asian Dub Foundation, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Porcupine Tree, Gil Scott Heron, Embrace, The Damned, Arthur Brown, Zion Train, Surreal Madrid, Fingathing, Freestylers, The Bays, Vadim's Oneself etc etc........ Style wise, guess Kava Kava are either a rock band or cutting edge live dance act, depending where you are coming from.....they like to mix old school psychedelic and soul influences with bleeps, rocked out live funk, big beats and horns. Its been referred to as Disco Funk Rock, Space Funk and Nu School Big Beat. Sneaky bootleg China footage: here


BILLBOARD MAGAZINE (US) Despite a hard rock appearance, Kava Kava creates party-worthy music by combining rock, funk, dance and soul.......Kava Kava has already been heard on Showtime series "Weeds" and has been spun by Nic Harcourt on noncommercial KCRW Los Angeles

MUSIC WEEK MAGAZINE (UK) "quietly pricking the ears of the international music community with their rollicking psychedelic dance....look out!"

DJ MAGAZINE (UK) should be on every funk and disco playlist, period!.....Love it!" (4.5/5)

BLUES AND SOUL (UK) "It's not often that a debut artist album grips me on first listening but the organic vibe, inspired songwriting and impeccable production of "Maui" is a jaw-dropping phenomenon" (5/5)

M8 MAGAZINE (UK) "A bit of an undiscovered gem, this album has a glut of deep soulful grooves and funk-driven songs with a vinyl album sampler to suit many different moods..........check this out for your more laid back gatherings and some essential summer listening." (M7/M8)

VERBICIDE (US) "Forwards flawlessly shifts from trip-hop to brass-heavy funk to electro-rock...There is nothing wrong here simply an incredible record that can be listened to for hours on end."

MADELOUD (US) "In these days of mash-ups and mix tapes, creating a sound out of a melange of disparate influences is par for the course, but it’s always a thrill to hear it done as deftly as it is here."

CELEBRITY CAFE (US) "The sextet distinguishes themselves on "Forwards" with abundant instrumentation, genre-melting tunes, and enough experimentation to make the ten-track disc an exercise in both electronic madness and the good old fashioned rock and roll splendor."

COVERS MAGAZINE (US) "Fusing big-beat club energy with Madchester-style psych-rock, Kava Kava levels off a pummeling slate of party tunes and soul-drenched slow burners."

BIER MAGAZINE (US) "a six-piece eclectic band that is taking the US by storm...."

CW'S PLACE (US) " be described as a musical rainbow. KAVA KAVA isn't afraid to mix many different musical styles like, rock, psychedelic, club, electronica, soul and funk to achieve their band's signature sound."

INDIE MUSIC UNIVERSE (US) "KAVA KAVA fully realizes a distinct and unique sound that is bringing the indie music scene to its knees. Well-earned confidence leaks through every song like sex streams from your television."

LIV2RIDE (US) "KAVA KAVA is definitely a band on the come up. Their brassy, electronic rock sound is reminiscent of contemporaries like the Kaiser Chiefs and the Chemical Brothers."

SKOPE MAGAZINE (US) " The album is a 10-track hybrid testament to that fact that Kava Kava know where they're headed - forwards."

FUTURE MUSIC (UK) "the future of dance .......... you can hear why they are an essential live experience...."

SNOB'S MUSIC (US) "The band have forged a unique sound that should endear them to indie fans on both sides of the pond."

ALT.CULTURE.GUIDE (US) "Kava Kava has created a musical chimera that is equal parts P-Funk and Roxy Music, as indebted to Stax soul and the Philly sound as it is to the Manchester beat and Brian Eno. Maui is a strong antidote to the bland, lifeless music you'll hear on the radio, an energetic blend of heart and soul that will have you shuffling your feet in spite of your bad self"

COSMIK DEBRIS (US) "What sets Kava Kava apart from other trancey, vibey electronica is the vocals of Pat Fulgoni. He's got a soulful, powerful voice that is also pretty hypnotic on its own"

STYLUS (US) Every song in this collection has a nice clean club sound that is distinct and different from anything else on the market. Definitely the hottest dance album in quite some time"

SPLENDID (US) If you're in the mood for social commentary or introspection, keep searching. But if you dig on pretty sounds and funky beats (and I think you do), look no further.

NEUFUTUR (US) ...intense dance-music (intense as in Junior-Senior, not the 300bpm dance marathon tracks) instrumentation and solid production ensure for a tremendous experience"

HYBRID MAGAZINE (US) Cool grooves, phat beats, funky sounds. Awesome feel-good music...Funky, heavy synth, Brit R&B Hip-Hop dance vibe.

1340 MAG (US) ...a funky, soulful, bluesy feel with a dance house (almost break beat) rhythm. Kava Kava really raises the bar on dance music with Maui. The energy level is through the roof.

PICCADILLY RECORDS, MANCHESTER (UK - retail) Brit house - funk band, combining daft house and epic sounds in a tremendous live melting pot of soul, jazz funk and beats


BBC Raw Talent gig was voted gig of the year by BBC Radio Raw Talent listeners!!

Live review Moles Club, Bath:

"A superb live presence"

Live review Bull & Gate venue, London:

"Soulful war-esque dark funk, draped in a deep pile velvety psychedelia with the sort of effortless classic rock vocal that shiny stars are surely made of!"

Glastonbury Festival website and programme:

"Mixing classic soul and blues grooves with funky bleeps and dirty beats, Kava Kava blend deliriously funky brass with cutting-edge grooves"

Live review of Scarborough Beached Festival / BBC.CO.UK:

"Kava Kava is another mixed bag not afraid to experiment in what they do. They are a concoction of electric soul, funk, blues and rock. On this evidence you can tell why they’ve been round Europe, played Glastonbury and been praised by DJ magazines worldwide. The Huddersfield group are the most eclectic band of the weekend for me, which is why I liked them so much. The fact one minute they would dabble in bleeps, big beats and even horns and the next brass and strings were apparent, left the audience guessing all day long. Each song has about a zillion different phases in and these rare oddities do sound like nothing I’ve heard before"

Live review of SXSW Festival, Texas / The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"From there, after the Englishwomen in the Pipettes, and a taste of New York jagged funksters the Rapture (who are gamely bringing the saxophone back to indie rock), it was off to see Kava Kava, a band I knew nothing except that adult alternative guru Nic Harcourt had allegedly said they were groovy. (This is how a buzz begins.) Turned out they were big burly guys from Huddersfield in Yorkshire in the north of England, where love for American soul music has always been ardent. Lead singer (and trumpeter!) looked like Pierre Robert crossed with David Clayton Thomas, and was unafraid to bellow out the words "Oh Lawdy Mama!" at the top of his lungs. Excellent guitarist doing strange things wiith foot pedals a la Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, but otherwise it's a staggering (and blessedly) unhip band, with a hard-blowing horn section that reminded me of Tower of Power" - Dan DeLuca (The Philadelphia Inquirer)







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