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It's not everyday a girl grunge band gets reviewed in Rocksound or works with a member of Killing Joke over in Prague. Let alone a Huddersfield one from Lowerhouses!

Chocolate Fireguard is proud to be based in Huddersfield, UK. It is clear that there is way too much quality local talent not getting a reasonable look in, so under the umbrella of the Timeless Music Project and with the assistance of Huddersfield regeneration organisation Huddersfield Pride (DRAM Initiative) we decided to help draw a load of attention to it. So here's Mary-Jane and their debut 'What I came Here For' for starters!

Recording the album with legendary Geordie Walker (Killing Joke) at Faust Studios, Prague gave the band invaluable experience. We marketed them well too. The reviews were amazing and the release kick started a load of good things for them. Ben (drums) even went on to play with thrash metal gods Evile .....

Mary-Jane Update:

Congratulations go out to Mary-Jane's Teri on the birth of her baby boy. The band are back in action locally around Huddersfield this October.............


***Debut ‘What I Came Here For’ 7 track EP (produced by Killing Joke guitarist Geordie Walker) released April 17th, Islington Hope & Anchor gig April 6th***

"This trio have balls. Physically, only the one sack full, as two of 'em are girlies, but musically they have balls spilling all over the place. Big, dirty ones that swing to a pulsating beat. Like one of those office stress relievers with clacking balls, only these have sharp metal spikes" Rock Sound Magazine

Mary-Jane are a dynamic, melodic, edgy and aggressive 3 piece punk rock outfit from Huddersfield featuring Teri Flynn on vocals/bass, Rachel Goulding on guitars and Ben Carter drums (also drummer for Earache label's Evile). Their debut release, ‘What I Came Here For’, produced by Killing Joke’s Geordie Walker at the famed Faust Studios in Prague, Czech Republic, is set for physical release on April 10th on TMP / Chocolate Fireguard Records, distributed by Cargo. All tracks are already available as downloads from Itunes.

'What I Came Here For' contains four studio tracks –‘Lipstick’, ‘Love’, ‘Truth’, and ‘What I Came Here For’ + an alternative studio version of 'Love' + two special live tracks –‘Not The First Time’ and ‘Overgrown’ - from their BBC Raw Talent session recorded at a Chocolate Fireguard label night at the Revolution Club in Huddersfield which went on to be voted best BBC Raw Talent Live gig of 2005! Check it out here

“Our basic deal was to make a record with attitude, so this is by design a very angry EP,” says Teri. “I wrote the words to these songs based on various relationships, incorporating feelings about myself and other people. ‘Lipstick’ is about the foolishness of having to dress up and put on a mask for people, and ‘Truth’ is about exploring the idea of wanting someone to want you for who you are. And of course, it’s always fun to dig into the darker side of ‘Love.’”

Flynn was heavily inspired by the no hold barred approach of great female artists of the 90s like L7, Courtney Love, Babes in Toyland and Brody Dalle of The Distillers as a teenager. “In the years when I was struggling to find and assert my own identity, I looked to these artists to give me power and courage, and that has rubbed off on the music I make today,” Flynn says. “They were very strong minded and listening to their music made me feel like I, as a young girl growing up in England, was worth something. Nowadays in the music business, you don’t have as many women empowering women anymore, and that’s where the music of Mary-Jane comes in. I want people who hear us, especially women, to feel empowered, to be strong, to discover a place where they can exorcise their demons. That’s what we’re about.”

“We were playing gigs all over the place when Chocolate Fireguard signed us and sent us over to Faust Studios in Prague, hooking us up with Geordie, who said we reminded him of Veruca Salt. He’s a great guitarist, and knew how to bring out an immense guitar sound on these tracks.”

Indeed Faust Studios is also where Killing Joke have been recording their 2006 CD Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell for Cooking Vinyl, hot on the heels of a Kerrang Lifetime Achievement award

Mary Jane, who are currently working on their debut full length album ‘Dissolve To Nothing’, showcase ‘What I Came Here For’ live at Islington’s Hope & Anchor on April 6th For press contact: Roland Hyams @ Work Hard PR -

Stop the press: Check out singer Teri’s recent collaborations: Aquasky & Dreamland and also a stonker with Fear Factory and breaks duo The Autobots called ‘This World’ (out very soon on Broke Records). Autøbøts and Teri certainly impressed the crowds at Timeless Festival 2005 and this tune won’t disappoint you either!

Some Reviews for Mary-Jane's debut:

"This trio have balls. Physically, only the one sack full, as two of 'em are girlies, but musically they have balls spilling all over the place. Big, dirty ones that swing to a pulsating beat. Like one of those office stress relievers with clacking balls, only these have sharp metal spikes" Rock Sound Magazine

“This two-thirds female power trio rock out in a style which falls somewhere between Hole (if they wrote more straightforward, stronger rock tunes and if Bonnie Tyler was singing having just downed a neat Jim Beam) and The Distillers (if they were more rock and less punk). Their songs are raw, earnest heavy rock, with no unnecessary complications, delivered with passion and conviction.”

"Mary-Jane is a trashy punk group with the full soulful voice of Teri Flynn. The music is fairly derivative punk music, but the lead singing hails back to the days when screaming could still be powerfully soulful. The duality of the music catches one a little off guard. Teri Flynn's singing is most definitely a winning item. The band itself seems like they would make a kick-ass live performance. The energy in the musicians is painfully obvious; the live recordings at the end of the album overflow with creative energy. This is a band that I hope stays together so that they have time to fine tune themselves into a punk rock phenomenon" (US critic) John Shelton Ivany

"Boasting a lot more oomph than many all-male bands twice their size could ever manage, this two-thirds female punk-rock trio have a lot of the all-important aggression and attitude a good ol’ punk band needs to be taken seriously. Recalling many of the best elements of Hole, L7 and The Distillers, Mary-Jane rant and rave brilliantly across this seven track EP, which contains new studio tracks and some BBC session material. Using the production skills of Killing Joke six-stringer Geordie Walker to bring out the guitar work of Rachel Goulding and the angry vocals of singer/bassist Teri Flynn, this is clearly a band that are making a quick reputation for themselves – here’s hoping they fulfil their potential on their upcoming album. (4/5)" Adam Harrold

Mary-Jane “What I Came Here For” (Chocolate Fireguard)
Interesting that it takes two women and just the one bloke to put the balls back into rock. The kind of rock that Mary-Jane are putting out is very heavy Americana indie that mixes all the good bits from Joan Jett and Veruca Salt, that is they got the style and the substance and I will tell you this, only you mind, Mary-Jane’s “Love” kicks ass so squarely, I’ll be chewing buttock for a week. You have got to hear them and you can at  Unpeeled

" frills grunge pop, it is well played and recorded—as produced by Killing Joke’s Geordie Walker.......a Pat Benatar-like roar suitable for both melody and riot girl rage. The actual over all sound is very Hammerbox, whose two records are lost grunge gems. As debut releases go it hits all the right buttons for listeners to keep out an eye for the name in the future"

Alternative Nation

"We’re talking noisy. Not melodic boredom noise with how-can-I-exist-with/without-pain, fuck no, Mary Jane are far smarter than that. We’re talking Babes In Toyland noise, Skunk Anansie thankfully without the sheen, strong tunes with some genuine rough edges to bruise your ears on. And god knows, Skiddle likes music with some genuine rough edges. Plenty of riffs kicking through the speakers, vocals that aren’t afraid to strain to the point of being itchy, red, raw, and sore, and on top of that, the production’s been done by a bloke called Geordie from Killing Joke. Never heard of him, bought his records, or seen his band at least, 8 or 9 times. Mary Jane are Rachel Goulding (Guitars), Teri Flynn (Vocals, bass guitar), and Ben Carter (Drums, backing vocals) and their EP, ‘What I came here for’ is a tasty opener for better things to come. It’s good, and as much as I like the studio tracks…I love the two live tracks more. Let loose and away from the cosy indoors, this band, given the push, could prove to be a roaring monster. Marks out of 5? Hooyeah!" Skiddle

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