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Practical Headz

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Practical Headz

LIMITED EDITION PRESSING All profits / sales reinvested into the project to help more local musicians.

Its not everyday a hip hop/grime crew get reviewed in The Independent newspaper or MOJO mag. Let alone a Huddersfield one from Harp Inge!

Chocolate Fireguard is proud to be based in Huddersfield, UK. It is clear that there is way too much quality local talent not getting a reasonable look in, so under the umbrella of the Timeless Music Project and with the assistance of Huddersfield regeneration organisation Huddersfield Pride (DRAM Initiative) and the Young Peoples Service, we decided to draw a load of attention to it. So here's Practical Headz and their debut 'Who Iz It?' for starters! UK hip hop crew straight outta Harpe Inge, Dalton, Huddersfield and building nice with good reactions from the likes Daddy G (Massive Attack) AIM, Mr Thing and reviews in DJ Magazine, DMC Update, Mojo, The Independent on Sunday, Undercover etc. Practical Headz are verbal assassins Spida Lee, Bishop, Practical Hand and Fingaz.

Recording the album with James Reid (Blue Amazon / Sony) at local 24 track studio Beaumont Street gave the boys invaluable experience. We marketed them well too. The reviews were amazing and the releases kick started a load of good things for the lads .....

‘Gutsy British hip hop from Huddersfield that retains a gritty urban reality to its tough tales and rudery, accompanied by tight production and a sprinkling of dark humour’ Beathut

‘Its refreshing to witness a hip hop crew making moves outside London and the trio’s distinct twangs nicely spice up the British rap game’ – Fmagazine

‘The people’s republic of West Yorkshire has not figured strongly on rap’s radar, but Practical Headz, three Huddersfield hip hoppers who take as much pride in their real accents as Mike Skinner does in his adopted Cockney, are ready to right this considerable wrong. Crucially the music – from Stop The Diction’s sci fi scowl to The Get The Funk Out’s synthy bass bounce – is the raps’ equal’ – MOJO

'Top Trumps in every sense of the phrase' - DMC Update

'Straight up electro heavy hardcore peppered with relishably regional rudeness' Undercover

‘A four piece rap group coming at you straight outta Huddersfield, Practical Headz spit their foulmouthed lyrics in a surprisingly affecting Yorkshire-via-the-West Indies patois, and prove that good British “urban” music doesn’t necessarily just orginate within the M25. Grim housing estate narratives jostle with cheeky battle rhymes, smart similes and puerile teenage smut, all delivered with an unaffected insouciance that’s hard to dislike. Grubby electro and grinding hardcore beats provide the bedrock for an attention-seeking but accomplished debut’ - Independent On Sunday

These guys are great. 'Get the F***k Out' should be the next single. Really good. (Daddy G 'Massive Attack - Various/ Worldwide)

Four heavy tracks, fresh production and tight rhymes. "Reality" is my pick. Very good. (Aim - Friends and Family/Various - Worldwide)

Heavy! More peeps putting Yorkshire on the map. Safe. (Kidkanevil 'Statelesss' - First Word/Various/Straight No Chaser - Leeds/UK)


Huddersfield's finest crew Practical Headz comprises of the Bishop, Fingaz, Spida Lee, and the Practical Hand. This impressive debut album features 'Reality' with thugged up mid 90s flava co production from the Beat Butcha and backing vocals from a local tramp who popped into the studio to ask for some special brew, Other bangers include 'Get The F**k Out' with some humorous lyrics from Spida Lee about suspicious odours and not being able to get into clubs. On 'Throw Ya Handz Up' the Headz collaborate with Tony Bear on some intense up tempo chopped up production while 'Stop The Diction' witnesses the Bishop rock over a dark synthed up beat. Then there's the downright sinister epic 'Shit Spitters' Oh my! The release is solid, there's bair more goodness coming from them so they're definitely peeps to check for in the future.

Practical Headz drop this album via Timeless Music Project, the Community subsidiary to Chocolate Fireguard which promotes Huddersfield music. The Headz also feature on label compilation 'Interesting Flavours' CD with the very soulful 'Smooth Vibe' and they have gigged with label mates French hip hop unit LA Cedille, Mary-Jane and Kava Kava as well as Skinny Man, Excalibah (BBC 1xtra) and Chocolate Fireguard's Timeless Festival event - alongside Jehst, Lo Fidelity Allstars, Iration Steppas, Asaviour, DJ IQ, Fat City, Freestylers, DJ Vadim's Oneself etc.

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